3CE59E17-7666-4D6C-B36C-DC5DEAFD57F2After spending hours in a busy tire store getting new tires, with my Hazelnut on a leash, I just had to write. Since we adopted her earlier this year from Austin Boxer Rescue, we have been so grateful for this girl. She is the dream dog that we just couldn’t be happier with. She is adaptable to every situation (like noisy and very busy tire stores), she is beautifully behaved, and draws admirers every where she goes. Two different men came up to me today to show me pics of their boxers, many asked if they could pet her, and I told each person about Austin Boxer Rescue and the great job you guys do. Cindy, her foster mom in San Antonio, was a great way point, prepping her for her life with us. Nut is chicken, pony and cow proof, acting like a lady with all. And all seven grandchildren love her to pieces. Great job, you guys. Many thanks, Pattie and Terry Meyers