Harley-1_scsv2_250x250Harley is my new best friend. We run together, as long as it is not too warm. We also love to go play disc golf together at a park near my house. Harley is a little better with manners nowadays. He is even off the leash most of the time. He will sometimes chase after rabbits or deer while on our runs, but he just wants to play. Once he realizes they have the speed advantage, he always comes back to the sound of a whistle. Harley loves water as long as he can reach the bottom (he is not a very good swimmer but loves to splash), so during the summer we spent many weekends at the park on Bull Creek before it got dirty. I have attached some pictures, which show that he loves car rides, playing with his cousin (my sister’s dog), and is really good around his sister (the cat) and brother (my 11 year old). Oh – and by the way – you were so right about him filling out. He weighs in at 78 lbs even with all of the exercise he gets. We have recently become much more structured with his diet just to make sure he doesn’t get too big. Enjoy the pics.

Phyllis King