Guy MemorialGuy came into ABR as an owner surrender after 6 years with his previous family. All it took to give him up was one growl at their toddler and Guy was no longer considered part of the family. When he came into rescue he immediately captured the hearts of all the volunteers. He was laid back, got along with everyone and everything, and had a very outgoing personality. Guy was Lucky enough to find himself a wonderful forever home with a young man named TJ and his girlfriend Madison. They could not adore a dog anymore than they adored Guy. It was a normal day and Guy was in need of a minor surgery to fix a tooth that he had broken. The surgery went well without complications, until suddenly his heart stopped beating. Despite all their efforts the vet was not able to get his heart beating again. His new daddy could not be more heart broken since they only had 2 months to share together and the passing was so sudden. Guy will forever be remembered by all the volunteers at ABR and most especially his new family that loved and lost so soon.

“It was wonderful to just look at Guy because he always brought a smile to your face. He loved our walks together and just loved me and Madi so much. I just hope that I gave him the best two months of his life.” – TJ