Gussie collageI hope you don’t mind a short note to let you know how Gussie (Terri) is doing. She is indeed a blessing to us. She is healthy and happy.

We have just completed our annual “Camp” here in Belton, during which we bring Grandkids together…just us…no parental units! This year we had 7 (of the 9)at one time here for 15 days. This was the first “Camp” since Gussie arrived and we didn’t know how she might handle it. We were very optimistic. She is great with kids and was in the thick of it every minute! There seemed to be endless hours of ‘catch’ รกnd ‘fetch in the yard.

In the attached picture, you can see our youngest (5 years old) is very comfortable with her. Gussie is a very affectionate and loving member of the family.

We think about you often and will always be grateful that you brought her to us last December. It’s been 7 months now.

Thanks again,

Bud and Val Harger