We have had boxers own us for 30 years.  We have devoted our lives to caring for them and educating everyone on the remarkable best friends in the world they are.

It is never easy to lose a family member especially those who love us unconditionally like our boxers.   Eight years ago we adopted  ( Sideburn) our best friend, Oakley ( his given name by us ).    We had 8 years of sheer bliss, for Oakley was the most perfect dog in the world to us. He saw us through 2 doctoral degrees! (essentially, the smartest guy ever )
We lost the battle with aggressive osteosarcoma last week. Our worlds were broken and our spirits beyond depressed. He made every moment that much better every day.    During our last goodbyes, I begged Oakley to “ send me a sign “ that I needed to know he was OK and in a better place.

On March 23, 2019, we took our beautiful grandson to “ go see the boxers” at the ABR event.

We were greeted by the wonderful staff who toured us through all the boxers.  As we rounded one tree, this beautiful female boxer walked UP TO US…
she had every quality we needed in a new boxer. They had to be good with kids, other boxers, and hopefully some house training.  Not one of our babies live outside or even go outside unaccompanied.

ABR’s name for this beautiful 6+ female was ROXI. Andy and I had tears in our eyes because we immediately thought the same thing – she looks, acts, & has the temperament of our beloved Oakley.

We walked around with the rest of the boxers, always looking back at ROXI.   She was compelling.

We adopted her. We brought her home and showed her our grandson, her multiple doggie beds, and of course our bed, where she will sleep safe and sound from this day forward!

Within ONE day she has perfectly set in like she has been here forever.    We do believe this was the “ sign” our sweet Oakley sent to us that he is in a better place and that we would be ok – he had this all coordinated.    ROXI’s name was changed to Grace “ GRACIE” because she is amazing and such a blessing to us in this time of great pain and loss.    It just goes to show, these Boxers take care of us more than we can ever imagine.
They are the epitome of unconditional love.
Thank you, ABR for all you do to bring families together.
We miss our sweet Oakley and the other 10 boxers we have had over the years, but tonight we sleep a little better with our family whole again with our beautiful girl – GRACIE ?

Much love to these beautiful boxers – all of them,
Andy & Sally Gillam
Gracie’s parents!