To everyone at Austin Boxer Rescue,

Just wanted to update you on Gizmo (Satchmo) and Bubba (Rogness).

I’ve had them for 2 years no and they are the BEST. Gizmo has just gotten all her paperwork to be my emotional support dog. Today we visited the grocery store for the first time and she di fabulous. Bubba is a funny, full of personality boxer.

They are both the sweetest. My husband passed away a year ago, but he loved both babies very much. He new how sick he was and wanted to make sure I had 2 boxers all the time. We had just lost our twins (Mickey & Minnie). They both get along with the other 4 dogs I have. I feel so blessed to have them.

Thank you for all the work you all do and God’s Blessings to all of you.

With gratitude,
Mary Beth Parker