Ginger_250x250Ginger didn’t quite make it into the rescue program at Austin Boxer Rescue. She is a two-year-old boxer mix (with what we can only guess, maybe lab). Her rescuer, Jackie, brought her to one of the ABR adoption events hoping to find someone to take her so she wouldn’t end up in a public shelter. We ended up being that someone and it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

We renamed her Ginger and went through a rather stressful week of introducing her to our other four dogs, one that is a very dominant female lab. Now that we’ve had her about 2 ½ weeks, she’s doing great and the other dogs love her, especially my little rat terrier, Jessi. Ginger is so loving and fun – she makes us laugh all the time we’re with her. Jessi has finally met her match in athletics – Ginger runs like the wind. The two of them run and run and run when they’re in the yard. Ginger has the advantage of long legs and speed and Jessi has the advantage of being low to the ground which lets her make super-quick turns. They make a great agility team.

I’ve only been volunteering for ABR for a few months and I love the adoption events, but even more so now that I’m one of the lucky ones to come away with an amazing companion. I really do recommend ABR to everyone and I can’t praise you highly enough for the devotion and amazing love you show with each dog you rescue. Ginger is another of the lucky ones, but not as lucky as us for getting to share our lives with this truly awesome dog.