Flash1 Flash2 Flash3From a very young age there had been dogs in the house, but never a Boxer until I got Sam in 2001. I did lots of research on different breeds before getting him and the Boxer sounded like what I was looking for. I was blessed to have him for 13 years. During that time I grew to love the breed and knew I’d always have a Boxer. When he passed in 2014 I was inconsolable for months, but knew when the time was right I’d have another.

I had volunteered with ABR years ago when they were new to Austin and operated under a different name, so knew there was a wonderful group out there that rescued so many Boxers in need. It was through this caring group that I found Flash (ABR Fisher). We just celebrated his unofficial birthday on August 21st (a year ago to the day that we brought him home). He had been abandoned when his family moved and left him behind so he was really skinny, lots of scars and ZERO manners. I knew he was going to be handful (and still is for that matter – ha) but I had experienced the boundless energy of a Boxer with Sam and knew we were the perfect match. He was HW positive, had separation anxiety, didn’t bark and followed me everywhere I went. A year later, he is HW free and morphed into a gorgeous animal; a total love bug, but still full of boundless energy (the old adage that Boxers stay puppies longer than most breeds). Hopefully memories of his past life are few and far between and he knows he will always be loved, cared for, and that we will always come home to that adorable face.