evieJust shy of four years ago, my family fostered Evie through the Silver Hearts program. We became permanent fosters, but really, we adopted her through and through. She was definitely one of our family, no more and no less than the other pups we had adopted through the years. She became my best friend. She started having spinal problems, and lost control of her hind legs. She walked with my help until last week, when she quit moving them at all, and then started losing control of her bowel and bladder functions. We had the vet come to the house this past Friday to help her cross to Rainbow Bridge, but that was not before we had a “Barket List” (bucket list) day. We took pics, and to help me with my grieving process, I made a blog page – Evie’s Barket List. Thank you so much for all the work you do to get these babies good furever homes. And thanks for picking us, the Miller family, to bring Evie into our family.