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Success Story: Ellie Mae

I first saw Ellie Mae as part of the Transformation Tuesday series and I knew I had to meet her. Even after three months of love and groceries in a foster home she wasn’t much to look at, but when she licked my face, I was a goner. She was undergoing chemo for a transferable venereal tumor so I couldn’t adopt her right away but two weeks later, I welcomed her home.

She was timid at first. Her foster dad said she didn’t really play with toys. I tried throwing a ball and it scared her. However, within two weeks, that bouncy boxer personality began to surface. Suddenly everything within reach was a toy. Stuffed squirrel–toy! Rope bone–toy! Bra hanging on closet doorknob–toy! Vacuum cleaner–toy! She became playful and curious and brave. About a month after I’d adopted her, I walked into the room carrying a broomstick. She immediately cowered, but then something amazing happened. She stopped, stood all the way up and walked over to me and inspected the broomstick. I think she realized she didn’t have to worry anymore and that I would never, ever hurt her.

In just a few weeks, she’s learned the hand signals for walk, eat, sit, stay, up, off, and we’re working on several more. You know when you accidentally say “walk” in front of a hearing dog and they get super excited? The same thing happens if I accidentally gesture in a way similar to the walk sign. This girl LOVES walks. If she thinks I’m taking too long, she stands in front of the door and does an impatient dance with her front feet. She loves just about everything. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more joyful dog. She literally jumps for joy when she’s happy. It looks like a leprechaun clicking her heels.

We are still dealing with a few health issues. A few weeks ago, the vet removed 10 cancerous and benign tumors. Ellie Mae was very brave. There will be a lot of sunscreen in her future so that we don’t have to do that again. Her incontinence (probably caused by the venereal tumor) will be treated as soon as she is done with the heartworm treatment. She has a long healthy future ahead of her.

She’s been with me about three months now and I feel lucky every day that this lovable girl is mine. I am floored by her amazing ability to heal and to trust people. Upon meeting her (and being given a big Boxer kiss on the face), our vet remarked that Ellie Mae doesn’t know a stranger. I am so thankful that I get to give her the life she deserves. This little wiggly goofball makes me so happy. Thank you Austin Boxer Rescue for bringing her into my life. I hope this story inspires someone else to take a chance on a Transformation Tuesday dog, a deaf dog, or any dog that needs a little extra care. They are worth it!

Audrey Butera