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I just wanted to update you all on ABR Davey Crockett now Dunn. Dunn came to our family the end of last year, and at first he scared me :-) with his big head and a look that said “I want to eat you” that soon changed. Dunn and his sister Brooks (ABR Magpie) have an extremely close bond. He is a gentle giant and since being with us he has gained a lot of weight and his energy levels are so much better, but his favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch. He loves all his skin siblings and has a very close bond with his Daddy. Our large family is now complete. 6 children and 2 amazing fur babies. Thank you to Wendy who went and brought Dunn to us. He definitely had a rough puppy life as you can tell by his scars, but not anymore. This big boy is loved so much. The first picture is a comparison of the day after we got him to what he looks like now. Brooks Family