Duke StrykerHi!
This Duke (formerly Stryker), I wanted to give everyone at ABR a update. I am doing great! I have become very comfortable in my new home. I get to go for walk(s) everyday with Mom and Dad. I have two teenage boys (brothers) that like to wrestle with me. Psst… Don’t tell anyone, but I let them win. I have my own door so I can go outside anytime I want. Although I wasn’t sure how to use it at first. So, I made my bothers go through it first to show me how. I get to sleep with Mom and Dad every night. Mom says I take up too much room and hog all the covers. She also says me and Dad have a snoring contest at night every once in a while. I have lots of toys to play with. My favorite one is the plastic cup I found. Anyways, I am very happy and doing great. Sorry, it took me so long to give ABR a update. Getting on a computer around here is tough.