duffy_250x250A few weeks prior to adopting Duffy back in February, I lost my 9-year old boxer, Mojo, to cancer and I was a complete wreck. Duffy was in horrible condition as he had been found tied to a tree, starving and sitting in his own waste. As a result, he was malnourished and had several open wounds on his haunches. While I nursed him back to health, he did the same for me emotionally. We were both sad and depressed, but after lots of hugs and boxer kisses, we’ve both recovered quite nicely. His wounds have healed and no one could tell that he’s ever missed a meal. Duffy is truly an angel and I’m so happy to have him as a part of my family. He’s spoiled rotten to the core and has discovered the joys of lounging on the sofa, squeaky toys, Town Lake and chasing squirrels.

If you could post his before and after pictures, I would appreciate it. I want potential adopters to know that a dog’s looks can be deceiving at first. With love and patience, they can recover, become a part of the family and take up most of the sofa.

Thanks ABR!!!