Dixie Memorial1 Dixie Memorial2Dixie was a beautiful 6-year-old fawn female. She was rescued from a shelter outside of Austin where her owners had taken her because she did not do well with small rodents. She was in rescue for a few days before it was discovered she had been previously diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Thrombocytopenia. By the time this was discovered she had been off her meds for at least a week. She was also completely incontinent and was forced to live in her own puddle of urine. With this disorder being off meds and having stressful events can cause a relapse which can be fatal. With the trip to the shelter, the introduction to a new home and not being on meds it was enough to throw Dixie a relapse where it was impossible for her to recover. Luckily for her, she found her way into a loving foster situation where she lived out the 2 remaining weeks of her life. Her foster mother and father absolutely adored her, Dixie could do no wrong. Once she was back on meds additional drugs were given to her to enable her to hold her bladder. This sweet heart of a dog had a good week where she felt great and was able to live comfortably. She slept in bed with her foster daddy and she loved the days she could go outside and enjoy the warm sun on her back. Although Dixie only lived two weeks with her foster family they did not consider her a foster dog. Dixie was their precious dog and they grieved her loss as if she had been in their lives for years.