devin_max_scsv2_250x250I know it’s been a couple of months, but I wanted to let you know how Devin (now Max) is doing. We adopted Max in October and knew that he would be a handful because he’s a spaz and doesn’t know what to do with himself when he’s excited. He gets along well with Daisy, another one we got from ABR, and they are best buddies now. Max loves to play and romp with Daisy. He is the clown of our home and makes us laugh daily. He jumps for joy and does the “wiggle walk” around the house when we arrive. Max is very mischievous. He loves to “steal” items from my purse, mainly gloves or hats. Max also loves to play with our two cats. He is so happy all the time. He has been to training, but his attention span is very short. But we love him anyway!! He is a wonderful addition to our home and we are looking forward to new memories with Max. Thank you ABR for saving him. He has been the sunlight in my cloudy days. We love the Austin Boxer Rescue!!!!

Renee, Eric, Daisy, and Max Bekkelund