Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet Deborah, and we’re heartbroken.

When I rescued her 8 years ago from Austin Boxer Rescue, her name was Miracle. You can see one of the pictures below to understand why. She was skin and bones, literally starving to death on the streets. She was eating rocks for food, for god knows how long. When she was finally scooped up, she was rushed to the emergency vet but stopped breathing on the way. They were able to resuscitate her—what a Miracle.

When Mark came into our lives, he lovingly changed her name to “Deborah” Deb for short. It seemed fitting for her. She was simple, strong, steady, and reliable. She was never needy or asked for too much attention. She tended to lag behind the group but still always wanted to be with us. She sometimes had an odd way about her that made us laugh, looking confused whenever we’d ask her a simple question, and she for sure thought she was actually a Pug.

She loved Noah and would lay with him when he was sick. She hated fireworks and once jumped a 7-foot fence on New Year’s Eve. She was always down for a good wig and didn’t seem too self-conscious that her tongue hung out of her mouth since she had no teeth to hold it in.

She enjoyed being the only gal (dog) in the house. In fact, she didn’t much prefer other female dogs at all.

Deb has been telling us over the past month or two that it’s her time; we knew for sure today, but nevertheless, it was hard. So grateful that we got to be her family. Go on and shake that boxer butt, babe 🌈