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Tomorrow we celebrate our 2-year adoptaversary with Darby (formerly FooFoo)! Over the past two years, Darby has not only stolen our spots on the couch, but she has also stolen our hearts. We are so blessed to call her ours! We love the way she is so gentle with our children and she always comes running when they call her. When Darby first came home with us she was afraid to go outside by herself to go potty, and when there were thunderstorms she was terrified. Now, you can find her zooming around her yard happily, and whenever she hears thunder a little rubbing of her head calms her right down. Something else Darby learned once she settled in was how to play with toys. She didn’t know what to do with them at first, but now she has a whole basket full of toys and loves to toss them around. By giving her the love and care she deserved we were able to earn her trust so she could be the affectionate, carefree girl she is today. She shows us how grateful she is every day by giving us licks and snuggles. Thank you, ABR for bringing Darby into our lives!