Daisy%202_250x250Daisy (Tessie) is a very happy dog now. She goes to work with me every day. She does not like to be left alone, but is okay if we do leave her. She will make this howling nose. It is too cute. When she does have to stay alone in her kennel, she does just fine. She does get very excited when we let her out – she will grab a toy and want to play. She takes turns sleeping with all of us. She has done great with potting. Cats come around her. They still don’t know what to think though…lol. She will lay in Greg’s lap alot on the couch. Or next to one of us. She is such a great dog and is just so loving and sweet. We love her bunches!! I promise we will take great care of her!!! She does love to come to work with her mommy. Does really well in the car. Oh, and she is now doing training at Petsmart. Although I say she is, I really think it is us that are doing the training…LOL. I have learned so much.