Dear ABR,
I wanted to take a minute to share the success story of our beloved Daisy.
A year ago today, Truck, our male from ADL in San Antonio, and I started our 4hr journey at 4am to head down to Austin for the last ABR Adoption Days event of 2017 after his friend and my baby girl, Sissy (ABR: Rainbow Bright, 11 years old), passed away from losing a never ending 7 day fight with aggressive seizures.
We were there to meet up with a new friend, Madeana Wilson, and an old family friend, Steve McLarty, to look for a new friend for Truck.
The one Truck chose was a shell of what she is now but Truck was adamant that day. He made it clear to me that he didn’t want anyone else. Truck and I know each other very well and I’ve learned to read him when he’s telling me something. His eyes speak louder than any dog I’ve ever met and he uses them to tell me exactly what he wants. We brought our new wiggle butt boxer, Daisy, home that day and continued her recovery with love and to give her a family to call her very own.
We had lost our precious Sissy barely a week before and we were all feeling the loss. Sissy was like a service dog for both Truck and me so her passing was incredibly painful.  Sissy knew exactly what we were feeling and cared about us. She loved to “party” which is what we call it when the dogs want us to get on the floor and box with them. It took her many years but it seems that when we settled into our country home here in Kaufman back in 2016 she really started to feel at home.  I was broken after she passed.  Thankfully though, the hurt didn’t have to last too long because Dec. 30th, 2017 was another important day in our lives. This was the day that Daisy became a Chrisman and we began to heal.
Today, a year later, our precious Daisy is vibrant, well nourished with lots of love, ice and roast beef treats and happily at peace with her new family. We weren’t sure about a young dog like Daisy that day but looking back over the last year, it is clear that she was the one for us. Truck knew it and I trusted him when I felt like he was telling me he wanted her and no one else.  Now, Laura and I can’t imagine life without the two of them. Daisy keeps Truck young, Truck keeps her busy and the pair of them make us laugh at every turn. Daisy likes to jump sideways in my arms when I get home from work. Its the coolest thing and makes me happy knowing that she knows I’ll catch her 65lb, thick body when she pops up and begs to be caught.
I love being a dog owner of rescued Boxers and I love the relationship we have with you, our friends at Austin Boxer Rescue.
Thank you so much for the great work you do. Thank you for your fosters and friends like Madeana. Thank you for the effort you put into consultations and making sure to pair the right dogs up with the right families. You truly do amazing work and families like ours are truly blessed to be recipients of the love and energy you put into this wonderful breed.
I cannot imagine our lives without boxers anymore and I am so eternally thankful that ABR exists. You are the best rescue organization in the state.
Sincerely yours,
Kyle and Laura Chrisman
Kaufman, TX