Cyrus MemorialThe world lost a great dog today. Cyrus was special in ways that can’t be explained. He was probably the happiest and most loyal dog I’ve ever known and all he wanted to do was please his family, which he always did. He was so gentle with my infant son and would let him climb all over him and kiss his wet nose. He loved to lay out in the sun and roll in the grass (and then come inside and shake it all off on the floor), hang his head out of the car window, chase and bite the water shooting out from the sprinkler, and running as fast as he could so that he looked like a deer whenever he went outside.
He was always in the best shape out of all of my family’s boxers. Within weeks of feeling great, his demeanor suddenly changed and his health took a turn for the worst. He had developed a brain tumor and his body began shutting down. He was 8 years old.
I hope his next life is better than this one was for him, and I hope that we were able to make him happy for the 2 1/2 years that we were lucky enough to know him. He was an amazing dog who loved to go for car rides. One time my husband was getting something out of his trunk and Cyrus hopped the trunk and sat down, looked up at him and wagged his tail, ready to go. He made me laugh every day. I will miss his Cyrus hugs.
12/9/03- 6/4/12
Life won’t ever be the same without you, Cyrus. Words can’t explain what you mean to me, Doug, Owen, Andrew, Linda, John, and your best friend, Olive. We will miss you every day, and I hope that we were able to create enough happy times for you to make you forget about all the bad times you had before you came into our lives. We were lucky to know you.
I will never forget you, my special buddy.
Sara Thompson