Crockett and MaddieThis is a long overdue thank you to Austin Boxer Rescue. Last April, Crockett (ABR name Hummus) joined our family. He and our Puggle were immediately wrestling buddies and got along well. My parents had just adopted Lexi (ABR name Crawfish) and they love visiting each other. All summer, we had plenty of out of town guests, and Crockett charmed them all. My seven year old son had been attacked by a dog six months before and initially was intimidated by his size and energy, but within days they were best buddies.
A few months ago I saw an ABR Facebook post that a female needed a ride from Cibolo to Austin . We picked her up at the shelter and she was to spend the night at our house and then we were going to take her to Austin the next day. We had never fostered or had a strange dog in our home, so we were awkward with acclimating the new dog and she was aggressive. By the next afternoon when we were preparing to leave for Austin , all three dogs were getting along perfectly. We decided to skip the trip to Austin and adopt her on the spot. Her ABR name was Dolphin, but we renamed her Maddie Bluebonnet. She is petite and adventurous but also an incredibly sweet princess who has no trouble keeping up with her big brother and playing tug-o-war. She sleeps with my daughter every night and I feel better knowing Maddie is watching over her. I was nervous about problems with having two female Boxers in the house when my parents visited with Lexi, but they get along very well with no problems.

Thank you ABR for making it possible to welcome these Boxers into our family. They both bring us so much joy. We are looking forward to our first Very Boxer Christmas.

Jennifer, Patrick, Sara & Jack Leslie