crimson_scs1v2_250x250Zeus (formerly, Crimson) is doing WONDERFULLY!!!! He has fit right in with our family and our Jack Russell, Toby adores his new BIG, little brother!!! ( Toby is still ‘boss’ and Zeus doesnt mind a bit). He LOVES any and all attention, and all the neighbor kids think he’s AMAAAAZZIINNNGG!! Not too many adjustment problems… just a little bit of anxiety when one of us leaves and he doesn’t get to ‘GO’. He stands at the door and cries for a bit, then realizes ‘HEY someone is still here with me!!’ I think it helps that Toby stays right outside his crate when we leave in the morning for work. We DEFINITELY will be keeping this big ole baby as our fur-son. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for allowing us the opportunity to adopt this lovable, goofy, happy guy!!!!

Becky, Chris, Kayla, Toby and Zeus Welborn