COOKIE_250x250We’ve had Cookie about 6 months now and she is doing great. We love her so much. She’s the sweetest, most affectionate dog. For the first couple of weeks she was attached to my knee. She’s more independent now but still loves to be next to someone.

Her favorite place in the house is her big chair. She can see out the front window, and has a nice cushy perch to watch the world go by. She knows which furniture she can get on and which she cannot. She’d prefer to sleep with us in bed, and sometimes gets to, but she has her own sofa in the same room and that suits her ok most of the time.

She gets in bed with us in the morning to hang out while we drink our coffee and plan our days. She’d like to have one of her own double shot latte’s every morning with us, but she has enough energy without that. Once I left my coffee on a low table, came back and found it all gone. She’d left so little evidence I wasn’t sure at first what had happened. Worried, I called my vet who said to be safe try to get her to throw up. From now on I’m leaving the brown hydrogen peroxide bottle next to my coffee cup, hoping she’ll remember how much she hated the aftermath of her coffee theft.

She’s a great dog and has filled a hole in our heart left by our first boxer love, Madly, who died last year. We are very grateful to Austin Boxer Rescue. You all have been great to work with. Thanks.