Conrad MemorialYesterday was one of the hardest days of my life…I lost my sweet boy Conrad. I have such a huge whole in my heart. I just wanted everyone with ABR to know what a joy he brought to our family! I just wished so much, that we had more time with him.
I remember the first time we laid eyes on each other (Sunset farmer’s market). Thank you Marie for selecting us to have Conrad join our family. We needed each other. I helped Conrad through his muscle atrophy, much need weight gain and loss of hair. What a beautiful mess he was! Through all of our walks together he helped me lose over 63 pounds. I will truly miss our evening walks together.
All of my family will miss him sitting on his loveseat watching over us…he moved over for no one! All the people that loved him and he loved back during the Barnes and Nobles gift wrapping shifts and fund raising events. He truly enjoyed all the attention and love he received, and for those memories it brings me some comfort.
Jetta our other adopted boxer paced and cried out load. She knew something was wrong because silence had fallen over our house. We brought her out with us. She sat right next to Conrad licking his face and pawing at him. It was heart wrenching. We laid him to rest over looking our pond…one of his favorite places to run. He truly made me a boxer lover for life!
Conrad’s loving family,
Michelle, Dale, Jaron, Ryan and Ashley and all the others he touched