Conrad%20001_250x250I just wanted to share a photo of Conrad with you. He is such a joy to all of us.
Everyday when I come in I get at least 3 or 4 hugs from him and the kidney bean dance. I am not sure if he is excited to see me or if he knows its food time. I don’t care what the case is, I love the hugs! All of our clan has adjusted well to him. In a couple of the photos you will notice him around the horse stalls. He just loves to hang with Dale and the horses. I really think he likes to help clean up the sweet feed left over from the horses.

Conrad now weighs 75 pounds! You can see that the hump in his back is not as noticeable. I think it might be due to his walks (lots of hills), running the property and Dale massaging his back, which he loves and doesn’t want you to stop. C loves to swim in the pond as well. We laugh at him daily from the silly things he does. Every morning he keeps me company on the back deck while I have coffee. We watch the deer….sometimes he sees them and has to chase after, but usually he pays them no mind.

Conrad has not bothered my cat. If he does it is just to play with him. He has showed no signs of aggression at all.

The two Boston Terriers have a blast with him. Diezel is Conrad’s favorite. Conrad pushes Diezel under his chest and holds him their while they play. They all get on the couch and crash in the evenings, including the Chihuahuas ’.

I just wanted to let you know that we truly are in love with C and I am glad we had to opportunity to bring him into our home!

Until then take care,