I lost my heart Cody after 9 1/2 years. Cody was 10 weeks old when I adopted him in Houston. I trained him for 2 years and he was my service dog AKA my son and companion. We went everywhere together! Shopping, restaurants and travels. He was always by my side. I’m still heart broken but I know it was Cody who sent my special boy Trooper (AKA Bosie) who I needed as much as he needed me. He was so broken but is now a real dog. Thank you Cody for being by my side at all times and for sending Trooper to heal us both! You are always in my heart and I miss you so much but know I’ll see you again one day!
Thank you for remembering my baby boy Cody and also for rescuing my sweet boy Trooper (AKA Bosie). He was a broken mess. It took six months but he is finally a happy dog and knows how to be a dog now too!