ChloeChloe has brought so much love and joy to all of us. The kids slept on the floor with her until this past Friday. I finally had to put everybody back in their own beds. However, Chloe will continue to sleep in my daughters room otherwise there will be no peace in this house.

My mother in law who is 79 yrs. old thinks she is the absolute best dog ever. We had about 30 people over for easter and she was so good. She didn’t bother anyone. We have 11 kids on our small culdesac. One of which is very scared of dogs but he has learned to trust and love Chloe. When we’re in the front yard she gets so much attention and love from the neighborhood kids. Chloe has got me back into walking. I believe she and I could both loose a few pounds. I’d like for her original parents to know that we’re very happy that they allowed us to adopt Chloe. Chloe gets so much love from all of us. My Husband is still saying to me that we couldn’t have been given a better dog. I must agree, she’s the best and we love her. Again thank you all for your help on this adoption.

Belinda, Harold, Tristen & Sydney McCall