CIMG0698_250x250Stan and I got our first boxer in July of 2005 and immediately feel in love. Althougth we were in love with our new puppy, we really wanted to adopt a dog in need and to find a playmate for our Bentley girl. That’s how Charlie found his way into our hearts. The second that Bentley and Charlie met it was love at first sight! They are just like a real couple; they bark at each other all day long and then cuddle and kiss each other until the next round of boxing. After he recovered from his heartworm treatment he was ready to GO GO GO! He loves to swim and romp down at Bull Creek and to run down the beach in Galveston; it’s amazing how much joy he has brought us. I must say that he is the craziest, rowdiest dog I have ever met, but he is also the biggest sweetheart. We couldn’t love him more and want to thank ABR not only for all the hard work they do but for also rescuing Charlie so that he could become part of our family. So much thanks!!

-Jenny, Stan, Bentley, and Charlie :)