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The awesome, fantastic story of ABR Camelot now Chapin

Let me start at the beginning. We moved to San Antonio in January of 2011. We had a Boxer, Bleu, who was 2 years old. We also had a 13 year old Jack Russell that was slowing way down. Once settled in the house we began to discuss adopting a Boxer. I found Austin/Alamo Boxer Rescue and signed up to be a volunteer , wanting to meet the pups and the people behind the pups. We had begun to discuss getting Bleu a female friend that was his size to play with. It so happened that Luna rescued us before we’d found an ABR girl. She was wandering the streets of San Antonio and found her way to us. I continued to volunteer with ABR, I really enjoyed Boxer BOOgie year long prep and execution, as well as adoption days and our outreach events like Siclovia. This August we made the difficult decision to leave San Antonio and move for job reasons. Once moved we had started discussing adding a third member to the fur family in the Fall.

On February 12th of this year we lost our Bleu, suddenly, to an adverse reaction to anesthetic while having a routine teeth cleaning. We were beyond devastated. My ABR family in San Antonio banded together to Name-a-Boxer in Bleu Sloan-Vick’s honor. Instant tears, instant tears now. Such an honor that they would do that for him, for us. Our Luna girl had never known life without Bleu. We took her everywhere, I worked from home that next week. She was consoling us as much as we were consoling her. We started talking about a new pup, something to help all of us – Luna, Amanda and I, we figured we’d be ready when we were ready. I reached out to my ABR family and inquired. We filled out the application through tears and waited. We were approved. I follow and like ABR on FB and Twitter and Instagram (you should too), I am FB friends with my ABR family. We saw a puppy, we held our breath when we inquired…for the first time in over a week we cried HAPPY tears HE WOULD BE OURS!!!. We’re pretty sure that Bleu had a hand in Chapin coming into our lives. We saw photos and videos of CamCam as he was growing. Momma K-Mo and her pups were fostered by the AMAZING Larry and Michelle. I arranged to fly into San Antonio and drive the most perfect flashy brindle puppy home. Then on this past Saturday, I met him. I was so far gone in that moment, I cried and he licked my tears. We’d already decided to name him Chapin. Chapin is the most perfect, currently tiny, bundle of joy. He’s going to be a big boy. He is and will always be a spoiled pup, we know no other way to behave, they’re our kids. Chapin and I are with my Mom currently getting ready to make the drive so he can meet Amanda, his sister Luna, see his 3.4 acre farm and be home.

Austin/Alamo Boxer Rescue is an amazing organization. Over the four years I volunteered with them in San Antonio I saw some amazing transformations and brilliant success stories. Everyone works hard for the pups, they’re so very worth it, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOXERS. We LOVE Boxers, we will ALWAYS have Boxers. I will do EVERYTHING that I can to promote and help ABR rescue as many Boxers as possible. I know three Boxers that have rescued us…Bleu, Luna and Chapin. I wanted to make sure I shared this story and lauded praise on this organization, my organization. Thank you to Austin/Alamo Boxer Rescue for allowing us the honor and privilege of bringing Chapin into our lives and allowing him to own us!

Angie and Amanda