Cayno MemorialCayno left this world today on January 20, 2011. His foster parents woke up to him panting heavily and his abdomen was distended and firm. We went to the emergency vet and it was in fact what we feared. He had bloated (the stomach turns over completely or partially) and he would need a major surgical intervention to save his life. We take in our older dogs to give them comfort care and we knew the rescue could not afford a major surgery on him, nor did we feel it was fair to put him through at his old age. We loved and held him and he was peacefully put to sleep.
Cayno came into rescue with his sister, Lady, in June. He was emaciated and cover with a fungal infection called ringworm, but he was happy and he loved his sister. He moved around to two different foster homes and even had 2 people interested in adopting him, but it never worked out. He always seemed to make his way back to us, his original foster home where he spent time with his Lady before she passed away. He loved being in our home and we always joked that the adoptions and other fosters didn’t work out because Cayno wanted to stay here. He slept on top of me at night and usually took over so that my own beloved dogs would have to make room for him or move. We allowed his to do anything since he was old and had arthritis, we just wanted him to enjoy his last days. We would even get in fights about who Cayno loved more, me or his foster daddy! Cayno followed me everywhere and I was never alone when he was around. Even when I would take a shower he would poke his little head in the shower and get drenched, just so he could be with me. He was truly a great companion. I often wonder what happened to his family and how could they leave Cayno and Lady to die in a shelter. They were the best dogs and still had so much love to give even in the short period of time they had left. Cayno, you will forever have a place in my heart and I will always consider you as one of my own. You did not die homeless, you were part of my family, as was Lady. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to know you both and had you to help enrich my life. Thank you for all you gave to me.
Love- Momma Jen and Cotton and the family.