caveman1 caveman2   We picked up Caveman (a.k.a. Clark (Kent)) exactly one month ago. It has been 8 years since we lost our 1st boxer, and Clark looks like her twin. We were hooked as soon as we saw his picture! ABR’s listing said that he was 4, heart worm positive,
kid-friendly, and happy 110% of the time. We met him 5 days later, and brought him home. My son, who didn’t want a dog, is completely in love with him. My daughter, who was begging for a dog, loves him like crazy. As a work-from- home/homeschool family, he doesn’t get much time alone, and thankfully he just loves the attention. Our homeschool days have not been quite as productive, and I keep saying we should rename him caveman5Distraction. His personality is even sweeter than his picture and I love how much he loves our kids. He is gentle, sweet, and well behaved. We are his forever family and even though we’ve only had him a month, we can’t imagine our home without him! We are sad that he didn’t get the preventative meds that he needed, but we are so thankful that he is part of our family!!