Cammo CollageWe decided to go to an ABR adoption Day in July 2012. We had not filled out the app yet which was our intent so that it would prevent us from making a snap decision at the Adoption Day. When we got there I could not believe how many dogs were there needing good homes. The first dog we went up to was Francoise. She was so gentle and friendly. We got to take her for a walk and I just had that feeling. We met other dogs too but none seemed to spark that feeling like she did. We filled out the app as soon as we got home and within days had completed the process and got to bring her home.

She has settled in and made our home her home. She loves to go outside and lie down while I do yard work. She also loves to go for car rides and when we are inside the house she stays by our side in whichever room we go to. Her and our 5 year old son have become best friends and playmates.