Cakes and Friend_250x250Cakes (on the left in the picture) has been with us and friend Luke for over 2 months now and it is going splendidly for all. Cakes has the sweetest temperament and tries very hard to fit in. It’s obvious she watches Luke and copies him, figuring he was successful, so it must work. Cakes and Luke have a morning walk everyday down by the pond and greenbelt where there is always something to observe-ducks, squirrels, other dogs. She is a very quick learner. A reprimand is not forgotten. I caught her eating Luke’s food one day and when I scolded the food spewed from her mouth as if to say “Look, I’m getting rid of it!” It’s hard to scold when you’re laughing out loud.

I retired in June and Cakes and Luke keep me laughing and entertained every day. She’s a gem and we are so glad to have made contact with her foster parents. They did a great job with her. We love our Cakes!