BuzzI wanted to share an update with your on our recently adopted sweetie Buzz! First of all, we consider ourselves to be so lucky because he’s such a cutie pie and we all love him so much!

This is our first dog as a family and my kids adore him…he’s wonderful to play with and my 6 year old Heston wrestles with him all the time…Buzz has the advantage though…but we love to watch them play!

He’s already spoiled rotten, get’s lots of snuggle time and he only had a couple of accidents in the house during his first couple of days…he seems to really be settling in but we’re not rushing it…we know he’s in new home and he needs to get comfy.

What I can’t believe is the fact that we brought a grown dog into our home that is potty trained, sits, shakes hands, comes when you call (for the most part), doesn’t get too rough, is ok in the crate and loves the family. When we originally were looking at dogs, several of the ones we wanted had already been adopted, and I told my husband that it was meant to be because there is a special dog that’s meant to be part of our family, and the ones we originally wanted just weren’t the ones for us…and then we found our Buzzy.

I’m going to admit something here…I wasn’t really a “dog person”…but that has all changed. Buzz and I have our own fun time together, we wake up early, spend time in the backyard and he’s waiting for me when I get home from work…I get hugs from all 3 of my kids now.

Granted, he’s not allowed on the furniture, but he’s got about 4 Big Dog pillows in different parts of the house that he lies on…he likes one in particular that he sleeps on in our bedroom…I just can’t believe he comes to bed with us, lays down on his big pillow and sleeps all night…HE IS SUCH A GOOD DOG!

We’re trying to get him to be ok when my husband is not around…they have really bonded and Buzz follows him everywhere…and when LD leaves, Buzz get’s a little upset…but I just hold him, try and distract him and take him for long walks or outside with the kids…no doubt, in time, he’ll bond more with everyone so he feels good regardless of who’s not in the room.

Anyway, I’ll send pics soon…keep everyone updated. I just wanted to thank all of you for helping us add a new family member…your hard work and dedication to your adoption program brings so much happiness and joy to dogs and their owners.

Thanks again to everyone!
Jenn and Family (LD, Makenna, Heston and Buzz)