This afternoon our sweet Buddy Boy crossed over the rainbow bridge. . . . . It was a pleasure over the past 10.5 years to be his owners. 


His life started out rough and he had every reason to mistrust and hate man. However, our boy taught us the power of forgiveness when he trusted us to provide, love, and keep him safe. Our skinny, sick boy turned into a gentle 80lb giant who crawled in our laps to throw his head on our shoulders and shower us with love. 


He was terrified of thunder, fireworks, and loud noises but he also never met a stranger. Once he realized we loved him and would do anything for him, he would nudge our hands and talk to us, as if to say, “Hey, it’s been too long since you last pet me! Get over here!!”


Buddy was one of the most gentlest dogs ever. He never hesitated when we brought Callie home and welcomed her as his human. He allowed her to crawl on him, read to him, lay with him, and even put headbands on him. He would gently take treats out of her hand and offered her endless kisses. Buddy rarely growled but when he did you knew you needed to be concerned.  


He was protective. He loved unconditionally. He  was forgiving. He was a fighter. He was strong. He was gentle. He was vocal. He was rescued but did his own share of rescuing. He was family. He was loved and he will be dearly missed.