Bruno-BarrettMy family and I adopted Bruno Barrett back in August of 2014 and we couldn’t be happier! Bruno is such a wonderful addition to the family. He fits right in! He is goofy, loving, gentle and well mannered. When we adopted him we were told that he was heartworm negative. A couple of days after adopting Bruno we received a phone call stating that we was heartworm positive. We were told that two white boxers were brought in at the same time and their records were mixed up. Well, just last week my husband took Bruno for a check up at the vet and he decided to have a heartworm test performed…..Bruno is heartworm negative! I am so very happy for him! I wanted to pass this information on to you so the other boxer rescued at the same time could be assessed again to find out for sure whether he is positive or negative. I didn’t want him to be positive and not get treated.
Thank you for all you do. These creatures are absolutely amazing and my life would be incomplete without one. Bruno truly is a blessing, I absolutely adore him! What you do matters….don’t ever stop!

Sean and Carri Hersh
Bruno’s very proud parents