I first came across Bruno’s picture on ABR’s website in the summer of 2014 and fell in love.  My family and I did all of the necessary paperwork and home visits with the hope of being able to meet Bruno.  After our home visit on 8/9/14, we went to an adoption event at a Pets Mart in San Antonio.  We made our rounds and introduced ourselves to all of the dogs at the event, but unfortunately we did not make a connection.  As we stood in the middle of the store not wanting to leave, I noticed the 1st set of doors open and then the second set opened.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I started to nudge my husband as I couldn’t force my eyes off of the sweet boxer walking through the doors.  I said, “It’s HIM!  It’s Bruno!”

My family and I quickly went to where Bruno was sitting and I immediately started cooing at him.  He ignored me.  He was too interested in watching two dogs that came in to get groomed.  I was a bit disappointed as he was the 1st dog that paid me no attention.  I got down to his level, I continued to coo, he continued to ignore.  I said, “fine…I guess you aren’t going home with us then.”  At that moment, he slowly turned his head and gave me the biggest kiss!  That was it for me!  He caught me, hook, line and sinker!  Our meeting was like that of a scene from a movie and our relationship was as well.  He played hard to get and I couldn’t help but follow along.

Bruno was the perfect dog for my family and I.  He loved his family unconditionally.  My husband and I joke that he was our third child.  And he loved his two human sisters something fierce!

He entered our life at the perfect time and completed us.  He was such a big part of our life for 7 amazing years.  All of our conversations somehow revolved around our sweet boy Bruno.

He developed degenerative myopathy in the late spring of 2021.  He declined rather quickly and it broke our hearts to see him struggle every day.  We made the difficult decision to let our precious boy go.  He crossed the rainbow bridge on 11/24/2021.  He was at home, surrounded by his entire family, supporting him and loving him through the process.  We are forever grateful for our time with such a loving, patient, and beautiful creature.

Until we meet again Bruno, my precious angel.

Thank you ABR for all that you do and for allowing my family and I to experience such love.  I also would like to say thank you to Dr. Killian for providing a safe, loving and gentle passage for our beloved Bruno.