Bruiser MemorialBruiser Hines was my soulmate, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to belong to the coolest dog in the world. Bruiser was often described as a genius by my friends, you couldn’t even spell the word P A R K without a lot of jumping and excitement! He had a very mellow and easygoing nature, but loved to tear it up and do Boxer burnouts when he was a younger. Quite the escape artist as a young pup, Bruisey Boy could only be caught sometimes with the aid of a car. There are many, many hilarious stories about Bruiser and his love of riding in cars, after a rough weekend, he let me know that it was his time to rest and wait for me to join him on Rainbow Bridge, and I tearfully complied, wanting only the best for the love of my life. Bruiser knows he will always be Mommy’s #1, he showed me the true meaning of love. He left this world at 11 years of age, he somehow managed to make one last stand and put his nose in the air and do his favorite thing, take a ride in the fresh air in Mommy’s truck. Then he lay down and went to sleep eternally to wait to be reunited with Mommy once more. Til we see each other again.
All my love, Mommy