In memory of our Silver Heart, “Brandy”.
You rode home with us just sixteen months ago, a gentle angel of eleven, hard years.  The vet told us, “This poor girl had many litters.”, and they did take their toll on you.  We couldn’t believe how quickly you made yourself at home in the back seat of my truck and your new home, and how so much of your past seemed to fade away each day.  Despite your old eyes, you quickly learned your way around our home and property, and we were amazed.
This was your third home.  I never could come to grips with how you were possibly treated at your first.  I was pleased knowing about your second home and foster mom, and how you were happy with them both.  When that couple could no longer keep you, you became ours.  We were blessed having your ageless, gentle, sweet heart in our home during this short time.  Gunner seemed to inspire you to run, romp with your front paws off the ground, and act as though you were again three years old.  We marveled at how you played with him as would a puppy.  Your joy became ours by us knowing that, however long you lived, you would be happy.  We just didn’t think today would come so soon.  We feel lost because you weren’t with us for very long.
But happy you were, right up until the end when you kissed Debbie on her cheek as you faded away from this world.  So go run with Max, little girl.  Go run with Max.  We love you.