We wanted to share that our sweet Bennie from ABR passed Thursday, November 5th due to cancer.

Bennie’s Gotcha day was in April of 2019. He quickly became a staple in our family. His favorite things were taking walks, playing tug of war, car rides, human food, and sneaking naps on the couch when he knew he wasn’t supposed to be up there!

We had a good full year with Bennie in good health. We even bought a camper this past April so we could take him on our many COVID escape trips! His first time at the beach was in April, and he was a little leery of the ocean at first, but he really began to enjoy it, especially when Dad caught fish and the horses would trail by! He was always trying to sneak off to make new human and dog friends.Bennie had many nicknames including Prancer, due to his silly prancing when he was excited, and Nubs because of his little tail going crazy when he was happy.

Bennie started to get sick at one of our beach trips in July. After a vet and neurologist visit, they confirmed that he probably had a brain tumor due to lack of response in his eyes and his balance being so off. We tried to keep things as normal as possible over the next 3 months with medicine, but his condition deterioted severely in late October.

We made the heart wrenching decision to send him on to Heaven so he could be our Prancer again. We had him cremated and he is resting in our living room in a beautiful pine box with his collar and paw print cast next to it, so we always have him.

We will be Boxer lovers for life now because of our Bennie and plan to adopt from ABR again once we heal. RIP sweet boy.