Bella joined our family at a time that we needed her most. I was in my first year as a single mom of 4, with a difficult past, one that we were all adjusting to- rather well, but something was missing. When Bella came, she changed us. She was calming, snuggly, loving, tolerant, patient, therapeutic (a few of my children have special needs), and a part of our family that we didn’t know we had been missing. I have grown up with Boxers most of my life, so the intuitive way that she comforted any of us when we were sick, snuggled up next to us when we needed hugs, and was as loyal as a dog could be, caring much more about her family- than any other animals or toys.

Less than 2 years after she came home to us…Bella developed lung cancer, that spread quickly to her lymph nodes under her right arm pit, which ended up impacting her ability to walk on that leg. In a sense it was a blessing that the kids were out of school, they were able to see how she was starting to hurt, helped give her medicine, and spent as much time as they could snuggling with – before we chose to let her sleep. Bella’s picture, her collar, and her favorite toy are placed on our shelf for everyone to see, and we smile…not cry when we walk by it.  She was with us for such a short time, but she changed our lives forever. We love and miss you Bella! Thank you ABR for helping us find her, we will never be the same.