Bamcis SS1Happy New Year ABR,

This isn’t the first time I’ve sent in a picture of our Bamcis, (formerly known as Troy) but we recently had a huge thing happen to our family and I wanted to share once again :) I’ve been gone the last year to Afghanistan, I got home 4 days before Christmas and after saying my tearful hello’s to my human family, I wanted to share the laughter/bark filled reunion with Bam and our other boxer (his “sister”) MJ and one of him and I Christmas morning after he got his special breakfast and is licking his lips. He and I picked up right where we left off last December, and he has become my ever present shadow everywhere I go and my heart couldn’t be happier that he didn’t think I had abandoned him. Thank you once again for allowing us to have this wonderful guy join our family, it’s hard to believe he’s only been with us for 2 years come this Valentine’s day. He’s affectionately referred to as Bama-rama, even though it has nothing to to do with that team that kind of has the same name, we’re Longhorn fans tried and true, it’s more for his clumsy crazy boxer personality that we wouldn’t know how to function as a family without it in our lives :)

Best regards,

Maggie Kusiak & Family