Success story of “Babba” (ABR Windsor)

I met Windsor at Starmark Academy where I trained him. When I got to school I said I was not going to adopt any dog… 3 months later and now Windsor’s name is Babba and he’s the most amazing boy I could have ever asked for!
I was always worried about getting a dog I didn’t know in my family cause I didn’t want my service dog to be at risk… well now she’s the happiest cause she has a friend to chill and play with when she’s not working! Windsor was truly the perfect fit for my family and as his trainer and owner I’m so happy to see all the progress he has made and how happy he is being in our family, loves to train, play with Kong’s with peanut butter and play with his sister.
So, thank you ABR for giving my small family a new buddy to share this crazy ride called “life” with; we all are the happiest with Babba in our lives and he’s thriving at this dog life!
God’s timing in our lives is perfect, all the way from Mexico City to Austin Tx; Babba was meant to find his forever home with us.