Austin SSUpdate on Austin aka Crackerjack. He’s doing great, he loves his 2 brothers and they love him. They play really well together, he doesn’t cut them any slack. He’ll take their toys right out of their mouths and they look at me like, “Hey, I thought we’re suppose to share?” oh well, they really don’t mind. He loves to chase the squirrels when they run across the top of the fence and he can jump really high, the squirrels better watch out caused one day . . . well you know what could happen!!!!! We have a bench in front of our bay window and he enjoys looking out and sleeping on top of bench in the sun. When he’s not sleeping he’s checking out the birds, squirrels and ducks we have in our yard. I’m glad we adopted Austin, he has been a joy, until he chews up the dog beds or the TV remote, oh well boys will be boys and then we buy new ones. Thanks for all your hard work and here’s to more happy adoption stories.

Leslie and David Brown