Atlas MemorialThe 1st day I met Atlas, I knew he was supposed to be with me… he hopped right into my lap, the 70lb lap dog he thought he was. He was twice purchased from and returned to a reputable breeder in Las Vegas because people didn’t understand/ couldn’t handle his curiosity or playfulness; curiosity and energy are things of which he was FULL. He was the Houdini of 8ft fences and his crates, the lover and protector of humans and the terror of hats. With such a lovable face and happy disposition, it was hard to ever be mad with him, even after he attempted to burn down my apt. when he escaped his crate. He was the best traveling companion EVER and rode with me through nine states and nine years. No words can adequately express how much he means to me, nor do justice to all the memories he left with me. I always told him as long as his nub wagged when I got home, I wouldn’t put him down… That’s why he had to leave on his own, he knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s not the same without him here. He deserved a happy life, and I hope I gave him all that he deserved. Miss ya Bubba! I’ll see ya again eventually… sleep well