Angus MemorialDear family and friends, It is with heavy heart that we write to inform you that we have lost another member of our family last night. Many of you know that our male doberman, Angus, was diagnosed with malignant histiocytoma of the spleen 2 months ago. I removed his spleen and started chemotherapy, but 2 weeks ago we discovered how aggressive this cancer was when a new tumor was discovered in his abdomen. He held on as long as he could while his body became weaker. Last night he laid down rather lifelessly in the living room as if to say he was ready to go. Geoff and I eased his suffering by euthanizing him. We were lucky to share our home with such a great outgoing, personable dog for such a small part of our life, and we hope his spirit is up there with Jake (and all our other friend’s recently departed ones) running, barking and playing like young pups. I thought you might enjoy a photo from Halloween 2 years ago when Geoff’s coworkers got the dogs an Elvis costume to match Geoff. It’s a bit short for our tall boy which makes it that much more comical. Thank you to everyone who has supported us during this difficult time. We are very appreciative.

Love, Catherine and Geoff