Angus and GidgetI’ve always loved boxers. When we decided to adopt, we automatically wanted a rescue and a boxer, and I ended up at the ABR website. We found a dog who was 4 months old, who was going to become a tripod, and a survivor of parvo. I fell in love. My significant other and I met him and we knew from the start that Angus was ours. He kept his leg, after a grueling surgery and recovery period, and now has only one hip and an interesting gait, but his swagger doesn’t slow him down a bit! He loves being chased and plays well with everyone–he loves tiny pups to giant breeds, and children, too! Jen Pope (ABR’s president who fostered him) said that he even play bowed to chickens! We knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he needed a sibling full-time.
I began to think about getting a sister for Angus long before asking Jen about it. As soon as I texted her, she respobded immediately–she had a match made in heaven. I asked for an older lady boxer who could stand up to Angus and we could give a wonderful life to for her remaining years instead of her being kept in a shelter. She had someone special in mind–Gidget! Gidget had been found heartworm positive and pregnant in a small Texas town, unclaimed by her owner when contacted. She was obviously abused, although she has the sweetest disposition of any dog I’ve ever met. She lived in a kennel through virtual fostering (thanks to ABR and a wonderful, giving donor!), and when Angus met her, he made the decision for us. Gidget was in like Flynn! Angus and Gidget are best friends. They constantly play, cuddle, and sometimes can get into a little bit of Boxer trouble (of course, that can be expected, but it is of course, adorable!). We call them the boy, the girl, and our kiddos.

We are forever indebted to Austin Boxer Rescue for giving us the pack we’ve always wanted. I tell everyone I meet about ABR, and recommend the breed to those looking for the most loyal, energetic, and loving dog they’ll ever meet. I get teary writing this success story because although we have rescued Angus and Gidget, they make me happy every day and give my life meaning. I work at a vet, and can only sing praises of ABR and the Boxer breed to anyone that will give me the time of day. I have a kinship with my Boxers than I find difficult to explain–we share a connection in our hearts. Our family is different–a one year old male and a ten year old female, but it works. Trust the process, and trust the staff of ABR. Most of all, love the dogs. Because what you give to them is miniscule in comparison with what you’ll get back from them. They are truly incredible.

–Alisa Van Meter, Dan Connolly, Angus, and Gidget