Andie HE_250x250We adopted Morticia a little over a month ago and changed her name to Andie after some of our favorite movie characters (Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway). We love her so much! Andie is such a joy to be around. Without fail, she wakes us up at 5:30am to go on her morning 2-mile walk and many times walks up to four miles a day. She enjoys going to the parks and running around the football fields off-leash. Her favorite pastime is chasing rabbits and going for car rides. She loves to ride in the back seat with her head right by the rear air-condition so she can literally be a cool-dog. As a working dog, she really enjoys the time we spend training and she’s a rockstar performer. She’s so good, that she stops on every corner and comes to an automatic sit without a command. On top of walking, she loves to give us hugs and kisses and receives lots of attention. During the beginning she was a picky eater, but after a little training and making her work for her food, she now gobbles it up like a healthy girl. Next month, Andie is going to start agility training which should be lots of fun for both of us. For Halloween she is going to be a shark to scare away the ghosts and goblins….

Austin Boxer Rescue has done a great job with Andie and we can’t thank them enough for the hard work they’ve done during the time she was fostered. For the last several years, We’ve dreamed of owning a boxer and ABR helped make our dreams come true.
Thank you ABR.

Michael & Norma Leal