My husband and I just wanted to give you an update on the sweetest girl we adopted in 2018, Allegiance. My husband went to Texas for a dog training from Jan-Mar 2018. He took our 4 dogs with him, so of course, we were 100% not interested in adopting any more dogs.

Part of the training course involved pairing up local shelter dogs with the students in the program. My husband was assigned 2 dogs, a pit bull and a boxer. This was on top of the 4 he brought with him. The boxer, Allegiance, stole his heart pretty quickly and he adopted her halfway through the course. We were told she was around 3 years of age, although we are quite certain she was closer to 6 or 7. My husband brought her home to upstate NY, and her first experience with snow and extreme cold. She was not a fan of the snow, but that girl LOVED to run. She liked running as much as our husky did.
Earlier in 2019, our girl started having more skin problems and her paw pads were starting to ulcerate and fall off. After numerous vet visits and washing and wrapping her paws daily, she was diagnosed with a rare form of skin lymphoma, high grade. We started her on some meds and she improved for 3 weeks. So much so that we were able to take her on runs again. Then she began to decline quickly. We did everything we could for her, but we had to let her go in May.
We never thought our purpose would be to give Allegiance a final, amazing year of life. We loved her so much and miss her, especially when we go on walks by the river or in the woods behind our house. We miss her “boxer” antics, the ones only other boxer lovers will understand.
We are thankful to you all for keeping her safe until it was time for her to come home with us. I wish more than anything that she could have been a part of our family for longer because man, she loved life. But we wanted you to know that her final year was awesome and that she was loved, cared for, and spoiled rotten. Thank you for all you do for these guys!

Sara & Todd