Hi ABR and (Jen Pope),

It is with a lot of sadness that we write this memorial for our beloved Allee. We adopted Allee as a rescued puppy in September of 2010. We had heard of ABR a couple of years prior to adopting and I remember telling Jen Pope that if she ever came across a pup in need of a good home to give us a call. Well, Jen did call and I remember driving to Bastrop to see Bobo. Upon my arrival, Jen took me to the back yard where she was relaxing in a kennel with her two brothers. Once she saw me, she immediately came to me and wouldn’t leave. I of course fell in love with her and took her home.

When I surprised my wife with her, it was NOT love at first sight because we already had a Cocker Spaniel who didn’t care for our new family member. BoBo quickly became Allee (named after my father-in-law) and quickly adapted to her new home. She was by far the most remarkable and lovable dog we have ever had. She was not the hyper dog we had heard many Boxers to be and turned into our little queen for the next ten years.

She loved to walk between anyones legs and stare up at them. She loved her treats (especially my swiss cheese) and got along with every dog she ever met. She was cuddly and loved to go to the beach in Galveston. In her final couple of years she would always say goodnight with a lick on the chick and head to her bed to turn in for the evening. We so miss her already and will no doubt get another baby in time. Thanks for all ABR does for these wonderful animals.

We SO loved and MISS her……..Sleep well Allee!!

Tom and Linda Kappelmann
Manchaca, Texas